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Ibert, Jacques

Jacques Francois Antonie Ibert(1890-1962), French Composer,studied at the Paris Conservatory, won the Prix de Rome in 1919 and studied in Rome. From 1937 he was director of the French Academy in Rome, returned to Paris and from 1955-1957 directed Paris Opera Comique. He composed operas and ballet music.

Iliev, Konstantin

Konstantin Iliev(1924-1988), Bulgarian conductor and composer, studied at the Sofia Academy of Music and also at Prague. As a composer he was among the first to introduce modernist musical into Eastern Europe. He conducted the Vienna Philharmonic, Sofia Philharmonic and taught at the Academy of Music.

Iordachescu, Dan

Dan Iordachescu(1930- ), Romanian baritone, studied at the Conservatory of Music in Bucharest and also studied in Salzburg, Paris and Rome. His career took him to the most important opera scenes in almost all opera houses of Europe. He was professor at the Academy of Music in Bucharest, he also conducted several master classes.

Iparraguirre, Jose Maria

Jose Maria Iparraguirre(1820-1881), Spanish poet, singer and song-writer, he was a well-known poet and folk musician. His works mostly written in Euskera, contains some of the most significant and popular songs of his days.

Ippolitov-Ivanov, Mikhail

Mikahil Ippolitov-Ivanov(1859-1935), Russian composer, conductor and teacher,studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory under Rimsky-Korsakov, whose influence was to remain strong. he was appointed as director of music academy and conductor of orchestra in Tbilisi(Georgia), later became professor at the Conservatory of Moscow, also became director there. He composed 2 Caucasion Sketches, 2 symphonies, chamber music and orchestral pieces.

Iradier, Sebastian

Sebatian Iradier(1809-1865), Spanish basque composer, he is known primarily for his habaneras, "La Paloma". A collection of Iradier's most popular songs was published in Paris in 1864. His another composition "El Arreglito", an Habanera used by Bizet in his opera "Carmen" as a source of inspiration.

Ireland, John(Nicholson)

John Ireland(1879-1962), Irish composer and pianist, he studied at the Royal College of Music(1893-1901). He was organist and choirmaster at several churches, later he taught at the Royal College of Music. he received a Doctorate of Music from Durham University. He composed piano concerto, violin sonatas, cello sonatas, orchestral music etc.
* The stamp is the picture of his orchestral music -The Forgotten Rite(1913)
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Isolfsson, Pall

Pall Isolfsson(1893-1974), Icelandic composer. After organ study in Germany(1913-18)and Paris(1925), he returned to Iceland. In 1938 he became organist of Reykjavik Cathedral and appointed director of both the Reykjavik Conservatory and the Icelandic Radio. He composed piano pieces, chorus music and cantatas.

Isouard, Nicolas

Nicolas Isouard(1775-1818), Maltese composer, studied in Palermo and Naples, Italy, served as organist at St. John Gerasalemme in Valletta, later moved to Paris and started to compose operas for the Theater de Opera-Comique. He composed operas, masses, cantatas etc.

Ivanisevic, Jovan

Jovan Ivanisevic(1860-1889), The first notable Montenegrin composer, while young he showed exquisite talent for music, and is most famous for composing the contemporary anthem of Principality of Montenegro and Kingdom of Montenegro. He died while being a student of the Prague Conservatory. He composed piano pieces, orchestral music, solo and choral songs.

Ivanovici, Ion(Josef or Jovan)

Iosif Ivanovici(1845-1902), Romanian military band leader and composer, best remembered today for his waltz "Wave of the Danube". He learned to play music instruments from early age, later he enrolled in the 6th Army Regiment, where he also learned to play clarinet. He later became bandmaster and toured Romania. In 1900 he was appointed the Inspector of Military Music, a position he held until his death.

Ivasyuk, Volodymyr

Volodymyr Ivasyuk(1949-1979), Ukrainian song-writer, composer and poet. He is the composer of the widely popular song "Chervana Ruta" popularized by Sofia Rotaru in 1971 but later covered by other singers as well.

Ives, Charles

Charles Ives(1874-1954), American composer, studied music with his father first, then entered the Yale University. After graduation, he lived in New York, served as an organist at the First Presbyterian Church, then at the Central Presbyterian Church. He composed 4 symphonies, orchestral and chamber music.